Nintendo release new firmware v4.5 for 3DS and v1.45 for DSi.

16/01/2013 09:41
Befor Christmas Nintendo released new firmware for the 3Ds and the DSi. All R4 cards on sale from this website are compatible with these firmware upgrades.
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Postage and Packaging costs.

21/11/2012 23:12
Dear Customers, Recently An Post increased all postal charges. Unfortunately we cannot continue to offer free postage. Rather than increasing the cost of R4 cards, standard postage and packaging will cost €1.50 in future.    
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04/10/2012 00:22 have released a new software kernel v 1.62b to address Nintendo's latest 3DS firmware, v4.4.0-10. Remember you may have to run an upgrade. Click here for more info on software issues.
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19/08/2012 18:40 have released a new software kernel v 1.6b to address Nintendo's new 3DS firmware. Remember you may have to run an upgrade. Click here for more info on software issues.
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Weather Forecast

02/08/2012 09:24
What a summer for bad weather in Ireland................. To help plan day trips etc I have added a weatherlink on the Home Page of my web site. This provides a link to Met Eireann 3 day forecast. Lets hope it improves ???????
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Nintendo Release new Firmware for 3DS

31/07/2012 10:22
Nintendo have released new firmware for the 3DS console. It is called v. 4.3.0-10. The advice from is not to upgrade the firmware on your 3DS console until they release a patch for the latest firmware.
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'Software' section updated

24/07/2012 09:35
Recently the 'Software' section of the website has been significantly updated and upgraded. The section is vital reading for anyone purchasing or configuring an R4 cards. Click here to view it
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Nintendo release Firmware update for 3DS Console

09/07/2012 09:26
Nintendo recently released a firmware update for the 3DS console. This firmware version is v 4.2.0-9. have released new kernel software to address this upgrade. At the time of writing the latest from the R4 team is v1.59b. If you have upgraded your console with the latest...
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Error message "Firmware expired or Firmware out of date" or 'System Date Error"

04/05/2012 17:07
These are common error messages associated with R4 Cards. To remedy follow the advice here  
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Firmware update v1.44 for DSi

12/04/2012 12:14
Nintendo have released a new firmware update for the DSi called v 1.44. All adaptors supplied by work with v1.44 firmware. REMEMBER UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ALL ADAPTORS FROM R4ONLINESTORE.COM ARE BEING SUPPLIED WITH LATEST KERNEL ON BOARD WHEN A MEMORY CARD IS...
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